The International Productivity Internship Program (Eqtidar) celebrated today the graduation of 62 Bahraini Youth Interns.


The Program was organized in strategic partnership with the Labour Fund “Tamkeen” and jointly conducted by Jafcon and BSTD, and audited and certified by NOCN, the UK awarding body.


Eqtidar is aimed at uplifting senior graduate students and recent graduates employability skills in productivity improvements by providing them with real on-job training and in the same time acquiring an international qualification from the UK.  It provides a collaborative scheme that includes universities and a wide range of local and international firms in Bahrain, supported by industrialists and academics. The core objective of the program is availing invaluable 2 months on-job training.



The 62 Bahraini interns did their internship as full-time practitioners on 42 real productivity improvement projects, which led to saving of BD 1,550,000/- and improvement of 78 processes and work methods, in the host companies. The program revealed that interns can gain more experience in working on real life projects and contribute to the betterment of the work output through learning by doing.



14 leading companies in Bahrain, across various sectors including Energy, Telecommunications, Construction, Banking, Logistics and Insurance, and of different sizes and origins representing government agencies, SMEs, international companies, startups and corporates took part in this Program. 


The program attracted Bahraini Youth from diversified disciplines such as Engineering, IT and Business Studies. By the end of the internship, 82% of them expressed pursue of career path in productivity and innovation.


The Chief Executive of Tamkeen Dr Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi asserted the importance of this Program which comes in line with Tamkeen’s strategy of promoting sustainable growth of both Bahraini individuals and enterprises. 


“Expanding the provision of internationally certified programs to educate and train more Bahrainis come at the top priorities of Tamkeen’s responsibilities,” Dr Janahi said.


Statement by Assistant General Manager of AXA Gulf Insurance Engr. Ahmed Jahromi “AXA Gulf proudly took part in an exciting program by Eqtidar, an International Productivity Internship Initiative sponsored by Tamkeen and supported by JAFCON Consultants for Productivity Improvement. An enthusiastic and energetic group of trainees spent a couple of months with us to get practical experience, assist with the increasing work load and at the same time contribute towards improving the  productivity of our processes. The program excelled by all measures, all the best to the innovative trainees and we now look forward to the next batch!”


Engr. Ebrahim Radhi, principle consultants at Jafcon stated that "Eqtidar achieved 99% satisfaction level from participants and had successfully attracted five folds its capacity. Furthermore, it achieved satisfaction of 95% of the well reputed host companies. He added, the program achieved 103% success rate as it exceeded its target goal, with zero withdrawal and zero failure".


He added, "Eqtidar granted opportunities for Bahraini Youth to gain real practical experience and learn new skills such as process re-engineering, cost reduction, and gaining 21st century practical skills. The main methodology is Project Based Learning (PBL) governed by the UK-Level 4 Qualification in Productivity Improvement Practices".