Events Calendar April 2017
  • 3/4/2017
    Venue : Sitra Charity Society
    Join us to learn how to build a CV that best represents you.
  • 4/4/2017
    Venue : Sanabis Youth Group
    Learn the techniques of interviews and how to prepare yourself.
  • 12/4/2017
    Venue : Regency Hotel
    Get the opportunity to learn the overall concept of entrepreneurship to establish your business...
  • 12/4/2017
    Venue : Al-Majlis Hall - Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry Tower (BCCI)
    Learn insights about Organizational Culture and its impact on performance from a successful bus...
  • 13/4/2017
    Venue : BCCI - AL Rowad
    Learn the best practices about LinkedIn to optimize your personal LinkedIn presence.
  • 15/4/2017
    Venue : Matam Al Sarhan Hall
    Join a practical workshop which outlines key points in your job hunting journey.
  • 17/4/2017
    Venue : Mataam Al Imam Baqer
    Join us to learn how to build a CV that best represents you.
  • 25/4/2017
    Venue : BCCI - Al Majlis Hall
    Learn how to uniquely brand yourself and stand out to get your dream job.
  • 29/4/2017
    Venue : BCCI - Al Majlis
    Understand the process in order to identify the direction you want to head to in your...
Success Stories
Featured Projects
  • Tamweel+
    This program provides companies with access to sharia-compliant financing of up to BD 2,500,000 with an option of a repayment tenor of up to 10 years through our partner banks.
  • Training and Wage Support
    Training and Wage Support
    Hiring the right employees is essential to help you run your new venture.
    Support your new Bahraini employees achieve higher productivity and improve their efficiency through the Training & Wage Support Scheme
  • Cloud 10 Scalerator
    Cloud 10 Scalerator
    Cloud 10 scalerator will provide you with resources to develop a cloud-based commercial strategy. For more information, please click here 
  • Taqdeer
    Get the opportunity to reimburse specific business expenses if you have exceeded your Bahrainization requirements. 
  • EO Accelerator Program
    EO Accelerator Program
    To register in EO Accelerator program, please click here.

Individuals have been certified through the Professional Certifications scheme

Per cent of business supported are Start-ups

Customers were served in Business Development scheme
Per cent is the average increase in Customer's Salaries