Events Calendar March 2018
  • 3/3/2018
    Venue : Al Muharraq Hall - Diplomat
    This event "Kickstart Your Business" will focus on the qualities of an entrepreneur in addition to the main 10 steps to establish a business.
  • 3/3/2018
    Venue : Hamad Hall - Hidd
    Understand the process in order to identify the direction you want to head to in your career.
  • 5/3/2018
    Venue : BCCI - Al Majlis
    Join us to know more about our programs and services.
  • 13/3/2018
    Venue : Othman ben Affan Masjid Hall
    Join us to learn how to write a successful CV.
  • 14/3/2018
    Venue : Youth Innovation Center
    Learn the best ways to market yourself and stand out to get your dream job. 
  • 14/3/2018
    Venue : Darseen Cafe -Bahrain National Museum
    Join us and learn how coaching and mentoring can develop talent and drive success in your organization. 
  • 14/3/2018
    Venue : Youth Maatem - Sitra
    Join a practical workshop which outlines key points in your job hunting journey. 
  • 17/3/2018
    Venue : Khair Hall - A'ali
    Join us and learn how to find your career path.
  • 19/3/2018
    Venue : Al Majlis - BCCI Building
    join us to understand marketing opportunities using growth hacking strategies, and to learn about the customer lifecycle, and best practices to m...
  • 21/3/2018
    Venue : CH9 - The Lagoon
    Learn about the existing experience from implementing VAT in the Gulf region.
  • 26/3/2018
    Venue : BCCI
    Register with us and learn about the programs and solutions available for home entrepreneurs in order to develop and enhance their projects. 
  • 27/3/2018
    Venue : Youth Innovation Center
    Join us and learn how to find your career path. 
  • 28/3/2018
    Venue : BCCI
    Join us and change the ways you approach knowledge in our rapidly changing world...
Success Stories

Individuals have been certified through the Professional Certifications scheme

Per cent of business supported are Start-ups

Customers were served in Business Development scheme
Per cent is the average increase in Customer's Salaries