Events Calendar June 2018
  • 25/6/2018
    Venue : Riffa Community Center
    Join us and learn the secrets of a successful job interview. 
  • 26/6/2018
    Venue : Eslah Society - Abdulrahman Aljowder Hall
    Register now and get the opportunity to learn effective strategies to increase your productivity at work.
  • 26/6/2018
    Venue : Shakhurah Youth Center
    Join a practical workshop which outlines key points in your job hunting journey.
  • 27/6/2018
    Venue : Ajyal Building - Dumistan
    Join us to know more about our programs and services.
Success Stories

Individuals have been certified through the Professional Certifications scheme

Per cent of business supported are Start-ups

Customers were served in Business Development scheme
Per cent is the average increase in Customer's Salaries