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Events Calendar April 2018
  • 1/4/2018
    Venue : جمعية الرفاع النسائية
    Join us to know more about our programs and services.
  • 7/4/2018
    Venue : Style Hall - Reef Mall
    Join our open discussions. To serve you better, share with us your concerns and interests
  • 9/4/2018
    Venue : Al-Majlis Hall, BCCI
    Join us to learn the building blocks in establishing a business. 
  • 10/4/2018
    Venue : Ministry of Labour & Social Development
    Learn the best practices about LinkedIn to optimize your personal LinkedIn presence.
  • 11/4/2018
    Venue : Al Majlis Hall - BCCI
    Join us to learn more about VAT implications and economic context and significance
  • 16/4/2018
    Venue : Youth Innovation Center
    Join us in attending our discussion session about My Project cooperation with the Youth Innovation Center
  • 21/4/2018
    Venue : Center of Excellence for Generations
    Join us to identify the direction you want to head to in your career.
  • 23/4/2018
    Venue : Westin Hotel
    Join us to learn about the gaming industry.
  • 25/4/2018
    Venue : Al Majlis - BCCI
    Join us to learn more about how to manage your business.   
  • 28/4/2018
    Venue : BCCI- Majlis
    Register now and get the opportunity to develope some of your professional skills to enhance productivity at your workplace.
Success Stories

Individuals have been certified through the Professional Certifications scheme

Per cent of business supported are Start-ups

Customers were served in Business Development scheme
Per cent is the average increase in Customer's Salaries