Tamkeen held a "Community Partnership" event, within its endeavors to build bridges of communication with all segments of society. During the event, Tamkeen welcomed the attendees and acquainted them with the most prominent accomplishments made during the past period.


On this occasion, Mr. Yousif Ali, Executive Director of Customer Support at Tamkeen stated, "Tamkeen is working to enhance the quality of customer service as part of its strategy to advance the services offered to Bahraini citizens at various levels. The Community Communication initiative is made to create suitable grounds for us to communicate directly and respond to the needs of citizens in all regions of the Kingdom, to enhance our services through a package of support programs which we offer, raising awareness regarding them and encouraging people to benefit from them".


He added, "Since the launch of the initiative in September 2013, the Community Communication initiative has managed to organise more than 269 local events in various cities and villages, attended by over 5,200 people, out of which over 3,600 have been contacted and followed up on. We are pleased with what we have accomplished and seek to achieve more, in line with Tamkeen's strategy for Networking and Community Partnership."


The Community Communication initiative is based on appointing Tamkeen representatives who are selected following nominations by their local community organisations, to represent their regions in numerous of the Kingdom’s various governorates.

The representatives work as mediators between Tamkeen and various regions of the Kingdom of Bahrain, with the aim of responding to public inquiries and to provide people with the latest developments regarding Tamkeen and its programs.