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Tamkeen to hold 8th “A9eel in School” Competition Finale in June
Tamkeen, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, will hold the grand finale of the 8th “A9eel in School” competition at Seef Mall in the Seef District on June 11, 2015. The initiative, launched in 2009,...
Tamkeen Publishes Twelfth Issue of “Discover Life After School”
Tamkeen has recently published issue number 12 of its quarterly publication, “Discover Life After School”, printed in Arabic. “Discover Life After School” was first published in 2011 as part of Tamkeen’s “Discover Life...
Tamkeen-Supported Trainees Graduate from Tatweer Training Programme
As part of the Tamkeen-Tatweer Petroleum Training and Employment programme for Technicians and Operators, which aims to provide Bahrainis with highly demanded skillsets and certifications to allow them to further grow...
Tamkeen and Bahrain Bar Society Launch Engineering Arbitration Certification
As part of its efforts to provide Bahrainis with the skills and qualifications needed to develop their careers, Tamkeen, in cooperation with the Bahrain Bar Society (BBS), launched an Engineering Arbitration...

What is Tamkeen?

Tamkeen was established in August 2006 as part of Bahrain’s national reform initiatives and Bahrain's Economic Vision, and is tasked with supporting Bahrain’s private sector and positioning it as the key driver of economic development.

Tamkeen’s two primary objectives are: 1) Fostering the creation and development of enterprises, and 2) Providing support to enhance the productivity and growth of enterprises and individuals.

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