Tamkeen's Strategy

Tamkeen continuously prepares initiatives that seek to address emerging or ongoing challenges and opportunities in Bahrain. It also takes into consideration other activities, plans and strategies initiated by other governmental bodies and authorities seeking to further the common objectives of economic development in the Kingdom in line with Bahrain’s Economic Vision and National Strategy.
Tamkeen updates its strategy every 3 years to ensure better ongoing alignment with the market needs. The new strategy will be a reflection of the Government’s upcoming three year strategy in terms of enhancing the productivity and sustainable growth of individuals and businesses.

Tamkeen’s strategy was formulated using a comprehensive series of Evaluations and Assessments. On the Internal level, Tamkeen’s Current Strategy, Tamkeen’s Mandate, Impact Assessments and Management Consultations are looked at. Whilst on the external level, Public and Stakeholders Consultations, Market Analysis, Audit Reports and Partners/Service Providers Evaluation were utilized. 
Tamkeen’s evaluation and market research for enhancing data and information enables it to identify the economic, business and labor conditions of the economy and prioritize potential opportunities and areas of support for Tamkeen.

Tamkeen’s Strategy Cycles:

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