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Empowering the future – Change for impact

I am proud to be part of this national ecosystem which plays an integral role in the development of the Kingdom’s economy.

We are commencing upon a new stage, one that is promising and challenging at the same time, given the changes in the labour market and the new directions that the global economy is heading towards. As such, global markets are not going to resume in the same way they were before  the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, especially since the economic repercussions caused by the pandemic limited business opportunities and imposed changes. The need for change, innovation, and sustainability proved to be of utmost importance during this phase to survive within the new economy.

Our role in Tamkeen, is to continue our commitment of supporting the private sector based on the requirements of the dynamic economy, in addition to focusing on opportunities that yield productivity and contribute towards sustainable economic impact. This goal can be achieved by investing in the development of enterprises that are capable of sustainability and innovation and have the potential for growth and expansion as well as enhancing job opportunities for Bahrainis.

Husain Mohamed Rajab

Chief Executive

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