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The Training & Wage Support Program is a co-financing program that provides financial supports for enterprises wishing to hire, train and/or increase the salaries of their Bahraini employees. The financial support provided by the program is divided into the following three categories:

• Wage Subsidy Support
• Wage Increment Support
• Training Support

Overall Eligibility Criteria
• Any enterprise with an active commercial registration or license in Bahrain may apply to get support for their Bahraini employees.
• Employee must be registered with SIO.

Wage Subsidy Support
We provide Wage Subsidy Support to newly recruited fresh graduates a wage subsidy support for a duration of 18 months. The following is a breakdown of the financial support provided during those 18 months:

• Financial Support of 50% of their salaries in the first 12 months
• Financial support of 30% of their salaries for the next 6 months.
• The maximum financial support provided by Tamkeen shall be BD 500.

The Wage Subsidy Support shall start the next month after the Employee Application approval. Tamkeen shall not accept any payment requests submitted for wages paid before the Employee Application approval date.

Eligibility Criteria
• Application is submitted within the first 6 months of the employee’s joining date.
• Employee most be 30 years old or younger when the application has been submitted on their behalf.
• Employees must meet or exceed the below minimum required salaries

o High School Graduates (or lower): BD 300
o Diploma Holders: BD 380
o Bachelor Holders: BD 450

• Employee must have either 24 months or less of work experience registered with SIO.

Wage Increment Support
Tamkeen provides a Wage Increment Support of BD 20 – 250 for a duration of 12 months.
The financial support provided shall be capped based on the employee’s salary at the time of application submission. The Wage Increment Support caps are as follows:

Employee’s Salary Wage Increment Support
BD 1,000 & below 100%
BD 1,001 - BD 2,000 50%
BD 2,001 - BD 3,000 25%

If an enterprise wishes to extend the wage increment support for an additional 12 months, the employee’s salary must be incremented again, and the new salary must be reflected in the SIO. Tamkeen shall than cover the cost of the old and new increment for the additional 12 months.

Eligibility Criteria
• The employee’s new salary must be updated in the SIO in the next consecutive window (Jan – Mid Feb)
• The employee’s new salary must meet or exceed the minimum required salaries detailed under the Wage Subsidy Support’s eligibility criteria.
• The increment should not exceed 40% of the employee’s current salary.
• The employee must not be over 58 years old at the time of application submission
• The employee’s wage increment should not be implemented or paid before receiving Tamkeen’s approval.

Training Support
We provide financial support for enterprises to train their Bahraini employees in the necessary work fields to build their knowledge and develop their skills. The financial support shall be set based on each course’s price cap.
Tamkeen provides financial support to train Bahraini Employees in the required fields. Our support will be set based on each course price cap.

Eligibility Criteria
• Training course selected must be relevant to the employee’s job role within the enterprise.
• Training Provider must provide confirmation that the employee is enrolled in the selected course.

To Apply:

Step 1: You create and activate an account through Tamkeen’s portal.
Step 2: Login to your account & click on ‘My Companies’ link in the menu to add your Company details to the portal and to verify that your Commercial Registration or License is eligible for the program.
Step 3: Create an Enterprise Application and a Job Role Application for every job role in your enterprise and wait for Tamkeen’s approval.
Step 4: Click on the relevant Wage & Training Support you want from the menu and fill & submit the relevant Employee Applications online.
Step 5: After you have received Tamkeen’s approval, the Employee must confirm the relevant support by logging into the Individual Support portal and pressing the ‘Accept’ tab.

Documents we need:
• Copy of Employee’s Smartcard
• Copy of Employee’s Employment Contract
• Copy of Employee’s Highest Academic Qualification
• Copy of Employee’s Salary Slip
• Copy of Employee’s Job Description
• Copy of Enterprise's organizational structure
• Copy of Enterprise's financial statement

1. The Enterprise must have an active Commercial Registration or License.
2. The Enterprise must be based in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
3. The Enterprise must have cleared any offenses with the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) and possess records of monthly payments.
4. The Enterprise’s employees must be registered under the Social Insurance Organization.

1. The owner and/or authorized signatory of the Enterprise must provide information that is accurate and complete to the best of their knowledge.
2. Tamkeen reserves the right to disapprove any Enterprise or Employee Application that does not meet the program’s requirements.
3. If deemed necessary, the Enterprise must submit any supporting documents requested by Tamkeen.
4. Tamkeen shall only provide the final approval after verifying the eligibility of the enterprise and the employee as well as finalizing the required training courses if applicable.

1. The enterprise shall be responsible for enrolling their employees in the required training courses.
2. The enterprise shall coordinate with the respective Training Service Providers to schedule the courses.

1. The enterprise must submit their payment request through the online portal.
2. Tamkeen shall reimburse the training course fees based on the price cap set for each course.
3. Tamkeen shall reimburse the wage support either on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the enterprise’s preference.
4. The enterprise must provide the required proof of payment documents in order to obtain the reimbursement.
5. Payment in cash is strictly prohibited, payment requests for cash payments will not be accepted under any circumstances.
* For further information, please refer to Training and Wage Support “Standard Contract”
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