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Startups can obtain financial support when hiring Bahraini employees, train them, and/or increase their salaries. This will help in terms of lowering staffing and training costs for Startups which in turn should enable them to steadily grow their businesses.

Wage Subsidy Support
  • Experienced Employees get a wage subsidy of for 3 years (25% of the salary up to BD 250)
  • Fresh Graduates get a wage subsidy for 3 years (70%/50%/30% of the salary per year respectively, up to BD 500)
  • Applications must be submitted within the first 6 months of an employee’s joining date in order to receive the wage support (Support starts from the next month of application for 36 months, no backdated payments will be made).
  • SIO work experience will be the only criteria to apply for this support, without regards to the graduation date.
Wage Increment Support
  • An increment of BD 20-40 for 12 months.
  • An increment of BD 50-500 for 12 or 24 months.
  • The application can be submitted directly after the employee joins the enterprise, eliminating the wait for the completion of the 3 months’ probation period, and the support will be paid starting from the month that is specified by the enterprise (up to 6 months from Tamkeen’s approval). Updating the salary in the SIO is mandatory in the next consecutive window (Jan-Mid-Feb of the next calendar year).
  • The employee's age should not exceed 58 years old when applying for this support. 

Wage Increment Support is capped based on the Employee’s salary at the time of applying. The support cap is as follows:

  • Salary BD 1,000 and below – 100% Wage Increment Support
  • Salary above BD 1,000 but below BD 2,000 - 50% Wage Increment Support
  • Salary BD 2,000 or greater - 25% Wage Increment Support
  • The increment amount should not exceed 50% of the current salary.
Training Support

Tamkeen provides financial support to train Bahraini Employees in the required fields. Our support will be set based on each course price cap.

Eligibility Criteria

Any Startup with an active commercial registration in Bahrain can apply to get support for their Bahraini employees.

The minimum required salaries in order to enroll through the program are:

  • High School Graduates (or lower): BD 300
  • Diploma Holders: BD 380
  • Bachelor Holders: BD 450

In the case of Wage Increment Support, the wage increment must increase the employee’s salary to meet or exceed the above minimum required salaries.

Steps to apply:

  • Create an account for your company by registering through our portal and activate it by visiting any of our branches.
  • Review your company profile to make sure that all the information is updated.
  • Fill in and submit the Application(s).
  • Tamkeen will assess the application and issue the approval.
  • Enroll employees in the required training courses through Tamkeen’s portal.
  • Obtain confirmation from the Training Service Provider(s) for the enrollments.
  • Commence Employee training courses.
  • Submit payment request through the online portal by attaching all the required documents.
Application Required Documents:

  • Employee Smart Card copy
  • Employment Contract
  • Employee education certificate (High School, Diploma, Bachelors degree)
  • Employee highest education certification (optional)
  • Employee Salary Certificate
  • Employee SIO slip
  • Employee Job Description

Application Process:

  • The applying entity must have an active Commercial Registration or License.
  • The applying entity must be based in Bahrain.
  • The applying entity must have no offenses with LMRA and possess records of monthly payments.
  • The applying entity employees must be registered under the Social Insurance Organization.
  • The applying entity can select the required training courses at the application stage. 

Assessment Process:

  • Tamkeen reserves the right to disapprove any Employee Application that does not meet the program’s requirements.
  • If deemed necessary, the enterprise must submit any supporting documents requested.
  • Tamkeen shall provide the final approval after verifying the eligibility of the enterprise and the employee as well as finalizing the required training courses.

Enrollment Process:

  • The enterprise is responsible for enrolling their employees in the required training courses.
  • The enterprise shall coordinate with the respective Training Service Providers to schedule the courses.

Payment Process:

  • The enterprise must submit the payment request through the portal.
  • Tamkeen shall reimburse the training course fees based on the price cap set for each course.
  • Tamkeen shall reimburse the wage support on a monthly or quarterly basis (as chosen by the enterprise).
  • The enterprise must provide the required proof of payment documents in order to obtain the reimbursement.
  • Payment in cash is strictly prohibited, payment requests for cash payments will not be processed.  

* For further information, please refer to Training and Wage Support “Standard Contract”

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