Tamkeen was established in order to achieve prosperity in the national economy by strengthening the role of the private sector as the main driver of the economy in the Kingdom, as well as developing Bahraini individuals and helping them to grow, whether they are students, job seekers, or have chosen to have their own business.


At Tamkeen, we have supported entrepreneurs and enterprises in all sectors and in their various stages of growth by providing both financial and advisory support through various programs. It is worth noting that the periodic reports indicated that the number of enterprises that are in the process of incorporating are 30% of the total number of enterprises supported by Tamkeen through the Business Development program in the first half of 2017. This is an indication of the ever-increasing trend towards entrepreneurship.


Thus, we have strengthened Tamkeen's role in providing a business incubator environment. We have also introduced a range of programs aimed at providing enterprises with the opportunity to grow and reach their full potential to compete at both, the regional and international levels.


The first half of 2017 witnessed the launch of several programs that contribute to the achievement of Tamkeen's goals. The most important one of these is the "Tamweel +" program, in which we offer private sector businesses financing that exceeds one million dinars. We are delighted that this portfolio reached BD120 million by partnering with a group of local banks in the Kingdom, and looking forward to continuing this growth in the portfolio in order to provide greater support to enterprises in the Kingdom.


Tamkeen has also introduced "Taqdeer" as a one of a kind initiative aims to reward enterprises that exceed their targeted number for their Bahraini employees. Therefore, our appreciation was materialized by the provision of grants to improve their operations.


As for developing Bahraini individuals, Tamkeen has supported more than 8000 Bahranis in the first half of 2017 via the provision of basic skills and professional certificates needed to venture in the labor market and improve in their career.


Our continuous support to the national work force comes from our belief in them and in their capabilities to contribute in the Kingdom's economical prosperity. Hence, we make it our goal to create new opportunities that make them grow and prosper and take their place in the overall development process to realize the vision of Bahrain 2030. "

Dr. Ibrahim Mohammed Janahi

Chief Executive Officer

Tamkeen Labor Fund


The Labor Fund "Tamkeen" has issued a press report confirming the progress made during the first six months of 2017, including Tamkeen’s flagship programs and services for individuals and businesses.


Tamkeen has reported significant achievements in the number of beneficiaries of Tamkeen's programs and services. As well as the continuation in launching new programs and engaging in strategic partnerships with various entities. Thereby enhancing Tamkeen's ability to achieve its primary goal of supporting the private sector and to make it the engine of economic growth in the Kingdom, as well as training and development of Bahraini individuals to insure their ability to compete in the market.


This report is the result of a rigorous and intensive analysis of the work within Tamkeen during the period from January to July 2017. The report includes accurate information and diagrams illustrating the extent to which a range of Tamkeen’s programs support and number of beneficiaries.


Enterprise Support Programs

Business Development


During the first six months of the year, the Enterprise Support Program, a co-financing program that provides financial grants to assist in the growth and development of enterprises, provided support to more than 670 organizations from various sectors during their different stages of growth with a total of BD15.5 million.


Manufacturing and Construction Sector:

The program has provided nearly 140 factories and establishments with a total support that reached BD 4.5 million. This support is directed to Pre-Startup and Start-up enterprises, which are under 4 years of inception, with a support rate of 21% of total support for enterprises in this sector.


Retail and General Trade Sector:

Nearly 120 enterprises were supported to a total of BD 2.3 million, with the sector receiving 15% of total support in the business development program.


Services Sector:

The number of enterprises receiving support in the service sector exceeded 400 enterprises with a value of BD5.5 million, with 44% of the support provided to Scale-ups & Mature enterprises.

Training and Wage Support

"Training and Wage Support" program is part of Tamkeen's efforts to develop the Bahraini workforce to become the employees of choice and achieve a better standard of living. More than 450 enterprises from different sectors have been supported by training and supporting the wages of 2,700 Bahrainis, including 847 newly graduated employees, with a total value of BD 11.3 million.


Manufacturing and Construction Sector:

The Training and Wages Support Program provided support to approximately 530 employees in the Manufacturing and Construction sector, accounting for 25% of the total value of support. Thus, the average wage of beneficiaries in the sector increased by 19%.


Retail and General Trade Sector:

Approximately 570 employees were supported in this sector, with the sector's share of total support reaching 17%.


Services Sector:

1566 employees benefited from support in the services sector, making the employees support in this sector reach 58% of the total support provided.



Financing Programs:


“Tamweel” Program

Tamkeen offers “Tamweel” in cooperation with a group of banks, to develop and support businesses by facilitating Shariah-compliant financing at a competitive rate of profit.


During the first half of this year, Tamweel provided support to more than 250 enterprises in different sectors during thier various stages of development with loan values of BD 21.3 million to contribute to the establishment and development of these enterprises. Where the Retail and General Trade Sector came in the forefront with a support rate of 53%.


Tamweel's portfolio accounted for 78% of the total portfolio value, with over BD 407 million, in collaboration with local partner banks.


During the first half of the year, 38% of the enterprises used grants to increase working capital, while 30% of the enterprises benefited from funds for the development of fixed assets and working capital.


"Tamweel +" Program

“Tamweel+ “ was launched at the start of the year, Tamkeen has reached BD 120 million in partnership with 6 partner banks with an amount of BD 20 million for each. The spending has exceeded 25% of the total portfolio of BD 30 million in cooperation with local partner banks.


The program provides support to enterprises to obtain financing grants ranging from BD1 million to BD2.5 million and has a repayment period up to ten years. 13 enterprises have benefited from this program with a support value exceeding BD 28 million.


BD 2.4 million from "Riyadat" portfolio to finance women owned businesses.

The total amount of grants under the Women's Business Finance Portfolio Program “Riyadat” exceeded BD 2.4 million, which accounts for 33% of the total value of the portfolio this year. The Retail & General Trade sector accounts for 42% of the total beneficiaries of the program.


This progressive growth in the amount of financial support reflects the success of the portfolio in supporting and financing the Bahraini business women in small and medium-sized projects. That happens through the provision of easy financing facilities in accordance with the provisions of the Islamic Shari'a, in order to encourage women to invest in new economic and trade fields and develop existing projects and activities.


BD 480 thousand within the program "Microfinance"

Total support under the Microfinance program exceeded BD 480,000 and the share of women benefiting from this program was 59%. This support is part of a partnership between Tamkeen and Family Bank to support existing businesses and promote their growth, this program is limited to Bahrainis of low income to be able to establish a small business.


Other Projects:


Business Acceleration Program

As part of Tamkeen's strategy to promote the economic development of the Kingdom of Bahrain through a number of areas, including supporting Bahraini entrepreneurs to develop their businesses and enhance the entrepreneurial environment, Tamkeen is partnering with 3 international business organizations to implement the Business Acceleration program.


Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) for the Accelerator Program is a global program that allows entrepreneurs to move their businesses from one level to another by empowering entrepreneurs with the tools they need to grow their business and achieve sales of over US $ 1 million over the course of the program. Furthermore, it provides them with the skills needed to develop them as business leaders in the Business community.

As part of business acceleration, Tamkeen also launched Cloud 10 in partnership with Amazon Global Cloud Systems and C5.


Business Incubators:

The program contributed to the support of 35 enterprises. with 25 startup enterprises and 10 existing enterprises during the first six months of this year.


Individuals Support

One of Tamkeen's main objectives is to make Bahrainis the employee of choice. Therefore, it is constantly developing its programs and initiatives to provide Bahrainis with the tools and skills that make them the first choice for employment.


Tamkeen Professional Certification Scheme:

In the first half of 2017, Tamkeen supported more than 2,000 Bahraini individuals to obtain professional certificates in various fields, an increase of 19% of last year, with a total support value of BD 3.1 million.

A total of 66 new professional certificates has been added within the program, and the automation of operations has been completed with regard to obtaining support within the professional certification program, starting with electronic registration, tracking of the status and procedures of the application and ending up with receiving payments.


Tamkeen Basic Skills Certification Program:

During the first half of 2017, Tamkeen supported more than 3,600 Bahraini individuals to obtain basic skills certificates with a total support value of BD 2.3 million. Where the percentage of women benefiting from this program reached to about 70%.


The program provides the Bahraini employee with the necessary financial support to attend the training courses on the basic skills necessary for their career advancement. The most certificates awarded in this program were the first level certificates in English with 378 applications, accounting for more than BD 600,000. Furthermore, 54 new certificates were added in basic skills to the program


Youth Development Programs:


“A9eel” at school program:

All government secondary schools in the Kingdom participated in the A9eel program for the academic year 2016-2017, totaling 34 schools. That brings the number of students benefiting from the program to more than 5000 students.


The Sar Secondary Girls School won first place in this year's competition. The results were announced at the closing ceremony held in June 2017.


Mashroo3i Youth Business Plan Competition – 4th Edition

The number of participants in this year's competition reached 205 participants. Eight workshops were conducted for the students participating in the competition at the Zain Media Center. Thirty teams were announced to qualify for the final stage of the competition, scheduled for early August.


Other Youth Development Projects:

  • Batelco's internship program is in its third edition, with the third batch of 33 trainees being extended.
  • 10 participants were accepted to AIESEC Bahrain's cultural exchange program.
  • Tamkeen signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Injaz Bahrain for a period of five years 2016-2021. Tamkeen also supported the annual program competition in which 20 student teams from the Kingdom competed to present their ideas and leading commercial achievements.
  • Tamkeen has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ministry of Information affairs to launch a training program for 100 young Bahrainis and develop their skills in the field of media. Registration for this program has been opened and the program will be launched soon after the selection of trainees.
  • As part of its strategic partnership with the Bahrain Culture and Antiquities Authority, Tamkeen supported the eighth edition of the " Ta'a Al-Shabab " Festival, held from December 2016 to February 2017.


Customer Engagement:

Tamkeen believes in the customer centricity as it is one of Tamkeen's strategy pillars. As part of its continuous efforts to enhance channels of direct communication with customers, and to improve the level of service, putting in mind the number and diversity of support programs provided by Tamkeen, in addition to the increasing demand from the enterprises owners and Bahrainis, the number of customers served in July 2017 reached to 7816 customers. The total number of Bahrainis served since the beginning of 2017 reached more than 70,400 customers. 50% of whom were served through Tamkeen's call center, and 33% through Tamkeen branches throughout the Kingdom, the rest were distributed among other Tamkeen's electronic channels.


Community Engagement:

Since the beginning of the year, Tamkeen participated in 282 events, with 8897 beneficiaries. This is in addition to the visit of 150 councils during the holy month of Ramadan compared to 81 the last year 2016