Labor Fund “Tamkeen” is hosting its annual Public Consultation Forum next Monday, on December 23rd, at The Gulf Hotel. The forum is in line with Tamkeen’s continuous efforts to connect with its customers by directly engaging with them and discuss strategies and programs to improve their services based on the market’s dynamic needs.

The Public Consultation Forum marks an important step towards enhancing the national economy, in addition to supporting the entrepreneurship ecosystem and boosting its productivity.

The forum will host all Tamkeen’s partners from the various sectors in Bahrain, including startups, SMEs, individuals, and other stakeholders that play an important role in Bahrain’s economy. During the forum, attendees will get a chance to interact and communicate with Tamkeen’s representatives to share their thoughts and feedback, learn how Tamkeen’s programs can accelerate the growth of their business, gain insight on Bahrain’s market needs, and take part in enhancing Tamkeen’s programs and services. Moreover, the forum will also be highlighting Tamkeen’s achievements in 2019 and its proposed plan for 2020.

This forum will be the final year of the current 2020 strategy whereby Tamkeen is going to be focusing on scaling up and enhancing the initiatives started in the first two years. The third year, 2020, will revolve around the third pillar in the strategy: Sustainability. The immediate focus will be preparing Tamkeen for creating most sustainable impact through its interventions and supporting the market in achieving long-term sustainable growth. The objectives of this year’s strategy will focus more on the customers achievements, in addition to enhancing its current programs, promoting productivity for both individuals and institutions, keeping up with the country’s economic changes, and further promote Tamkeen’s support programs to a larger segment of individuals and enterprises.

If you’d like to share your feedback, join us next Monday for the Public Consultation Forum by registering here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd99aXZ5PpiSht9k4mPJsOeVNZ2jshvISL87UvSVZlWjMGUXQ/viewform