Home Page - 16/11/2016

Tamkeen Sustainability

Tamkeen’s Milestones towards meeting SDG 

Bahrain’s experience in achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals is considered one of the promising experiences across different sectors of social and economic development.

The role of the Labour Fund “Tamkeen” is amongst the prominent initiatives that the Government of Bahrain has integrated within its policies and frameworks to achieve those goals. Especially since Tamkeen focuses on the national cadres and their qualifications, while enhancing their skills to contribute towards the development of the Kingdom. In addition, Tamkeen supports SMEs to accelerate their growth, therefore positioning them at the forefront of the national economy.

Perhaps, Tamkeen’s most distinguishing contribution in supporting the Sustainable Development Goals is through its various programs, which includes supporting the private sector to become the engine for sustainable growth, thus creating job opportunities in promising and new economic sectors. This is done by supporting wages, employment, and developing the skills of Bahraini employees, at the same time focusing on creativity and innovation within entrepreneurship. Moreover, Tamkeen’s Sustainable Development Goals also revolve around integrating women in the labour market and the field of entrepreneurship.
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