“Tamkeen” supports Bahrain’s Sports Federation for Disabilities based on market needs

Targeting to upskill Bahrainis working in the field of disabilities services in addition to equipping people with disabilities with Labour market and life skills, The Labour Fund (Tamkeen) and Bahrain’s Sports Federation for Disabilities announced signing an agreement to support the National Project for Training Disabilities Specialists.

Commenting on this agreement, Dr. Ebrahim Janahi, Chief Executive of Tamkeen enforced on Tamkeen’s ongoing support for all segments of the Bahraini society according to their needs, he mentioned: “we believe that each individual is capable of being productive and creative. Therefore, we cater for the different needs of individuals and enterprises by providing custom-tailored solutions, in addition to engaging in collaborations that facilitates serving all segments of the society through equipping them with skills and experiences that increase their productivity in line with labour market needs”.

HE Shaikh Mohamed Bin Duaij Al Khalifa, President of Bahrain’s Sports Federation for Disabilities expressed his appreciation for this support from Tamkeen and stated: “our objective in this training programme is to upskill Bahraini caliber to achieve excellence and professionalism in dealing with different disabilities according to their needs, in addition to achieving our ultimate goal, which is a better quality of life for people with disability. Given the proven impact of sports on individuals’ self-confidence, independence, mental and physical health, communication skills and increased inclusion in the society, hence, this is what we aspire to accomplish through seeking latest development in this field and ensuring best practices through the training of disabilities specialists”.  

Shaikh Mohamed also added: “Tamkeen will fully fund the enrolment of Bahrainis in these training courses. However, we welcome all nationalities interested to participate and register” emphasizing on Bahrain’s position as a knowledge-based society and the quality of the training sector.

Hanan Abdulla Hasan, the project manager said: “the project will include different phases, which are professional certificates’ training courses, on the job training (OJT), workshops and conferences. All details of the programmes and the registration criteria and the process will be announced soon”

Hanan Hasan also added: “each phase will target a specific segment, e.g. physical education school teachers, physical education students in the University of Bahrain, personal trainers in Bahrain’s Sports Federation for Disabilities and private gyms in addition to administrative and management staff in the field of sports. All these target groups will be part of the phase one “professional certificates’ training”, which will cover topics in sport coaching and nutrition for people with disabilities, based on international standards and accreditation. During next phase, high achieving participants will be selected for OJT in the Federation to work closely with athletes with disability and accompany them in international tournaments. The last phase will include workshops for people with disability to equip them with necessary skills in the labour market in addition to communication and leadership skills, motivation and success stories. Furthermore, awareness campaigns and seminars will be organized such as career day and the labour rights and obligations of this segments”.