As part of its ongoing efforts to guide Bahraini youth and introduce them to the job market, the labour fund “Tamkeen” relaunches a revamped version of its magazine “Discover Life” with a new distinctive look that’s more in line with the current technological advancements.  The relaunch was announced during Alayam’s 26th edition of the Cultural Book Festival, which is held in strategic partnership with Tamkeen.

The magazine will be available at Tamkeen’s booth in the Cultural Book Festival held at the Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre from December 26th, 2019, until January 4th 2020.

Similar to the previous editions, the “Discover Life” magazine’s content revolves around the topics of education and training, self-development, entrepreneurship, the job market, and career development. This comes as part of Tamkeen’s objectives to inspire youth and encourage them during and after their education, preparing them for their professional life.

The magazine is considered one of the first editions in Bahrain to embed Augmented Reality (AR). This provides the reader with a unique experience, as they get to interact with the content through AR pictures and videos. While reading the magazine, the reader can use their phone to scan the QR code found on the cover of the magazine and begin their AR journey.

Tamkeen launched the first edition of the “Discover Life” magazine in 2011, which was published quarterly targeting students in schools, universities, and fresh graduates. The magazine contains success stories, and touches on a variety of informative topics such as entrepreneurship, future jobs, and more.

With 70,000 copies of the “Discover Life” magazine circulated around Bahrain, including high schools, universities, and public places, the magazine aims to inspire students and help the Bahraini youth achieve their dreams.