Tamkeen relaunches “Mohasaba” Scheme to support Bahraini enterprises

Tamkeen has recently announced the relaunch of “Mohasaba” scheme as a business development support program in accounting and auditing services for start-up, scale up and mature enterprises.  

“The scheme has been redesigned with some added features and benefits to meet the expansion in the market’s demands,” announced Tamkeen Chief Executive Dr Ebrahim M. Janahi.

He stressed the importance of continuously improving this scheme in line with the latest market updates, as a way to ensure the implementation of an effective support program that meets the accurate needs of business activities towards sustainability, that ultimately contributes to the growth of national economy.

Dr. Janahi explained that “Mohasaba” was first launched in 2009, with a strategic aim of supporting Bahraini enterprises’ productivity by enabling them of the competitive management of their financial goals.

He added that emphasizing the role of the private sector in promoting economic growth requires consistent commitment towards closely meeting the specific needs of market expansions, and paying diligent attention towards implementing this vision in all the support programs offered by Tamkeen, is a key step that leads to this national objective.

Dr. Janahi also said that the new added-value scopes listed under this scheme give a greater opportunity for Bahraini enterprises to enhance the business operations through an accurate accounting system in accordance with the highest standards of international accounting and auditing.

As part of new the scheme, enterprises will be given the freedom to choose their accounting and auditing services from any local audit firm, maximizing the value of this support on the performance level of their businesses.

Pre-start-up & Start-up enterprises with 0-2 years of operation can benefit from the accounting and auditing services at 100% support rate, while start-ups with 2-4 years will have access to 50% support percentage in both accounting and auditing services. Scale-up and mature companies can get a 50% support rate in auditing services.

This co-financing support program covers the cost of accounting and auditing services for a duration of two years.

Enterprises can apply in “Mohasba” scheme online via Tamkeen website www.tamkeen.bh.