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Professional Certifications program is the opportunity for both jobseekers and employees to be professional certified in their chosen profession, in turn, making them more appealing when entering the job market or when being considered for a promotion at work.

Tamkeen provides financial support for all professional certificates listed under Professional Certifications program depending on the certificate's support cap and payment structure. If an individual wishes to attain a certificate, which is not listed under the program, he/she may submit a Certificate Request which will be evaluated by Tamkeen.

Eligibility Criteria:
• You are a Bahrain national who is either 16 years old or older.
• Your chosen Professional Certificate is relevant to either your educational background or profession.
• You meet the entry requirements for the selected Professional Certificate.

To Apply:

Create and activate an Individual Account for yourself through Tamkeen's portal.

Fill and submit the Professional certification online application form via the portal.

After Applying:

Tamkeen shall review your application and respond with its final decision within 5 working days.

Once your application has been approved, you must confirm the application online before proceeding with your professional qualification.


When you have fulfilled the criteria of your certificate's payment structure, you may submit a payment request via Tamkeen's portal.


Documents we need:

  • Copy of your ID/Smartcard
  • Copy of your Highest Academic Qualification
  • Copy of your Acceptance Letter from the Training Provider
  • Invoice/Quotation from Training Provider showing the entire cost of certification.
  • Copy of your Job Description or Employment Letter (If the applicant is an employee)
  • Copy of your Registration Letter from the Awarding Body (only applicable for online courses)


  1. The individual must be a Bahraini national of 16 years of age or older.
  2. The individual must have not completed the final examination/assessment for the selected certificate
  3. The individual must meet the entry requirements of the selected certificate.
  4. The individual’s selected certificate must be relevant to his/her academic background or profession. If not, the individual must provide a valid justification to Tamkeen for selecting a certificate irrelevant to his/her academic background or profession.
  5. Tamkeen reserves the right to disapprove any application where the individual does not meet the Professional Skills’ eligibility criteria.



  1. The Applicant must regularly attend the certificate’s course sessions, sit the exams, submit assignments and homework as well as abide by the rules and regulations of the Awarding body.
  2. The Applicant must comply with the rules and regulations of the Training Provider.
  3. The Applicant must pay any certificate expenses which is not covered under Tamkeen’s support.
  4. The Applicant must provide Tamkeen with any relevant information or documentation related to his/her progress with the certificate course and Training Provider. For e.g. Exam results, exam delays, assessment results etc.
  5. The Applicant may only re-apply to the program once he/she has completed the previous certification course.
  6. Tamkeen reserves the right to cancel any approved application if, within three (3) months of the final examination or assessment date, the Applicant has failed to update his/her online individual account of his/her results.
  7. If the Applicant violates any of the obligations indicated above and as stated in the Standard Contract, Tamkeen reserves the right to prevent the Applicant from benefiting from its programs and shall take the necessary actions, without prejudice to Tamkeen’s right to claim refund of any payments made towards my course if it is convinced that the amounts were claimed in a fraudulent way and/or manipulation.



  1. The applicant may make a payment before the approval of application at their own risk as it is not guaranteed that Tamkeen shall approve the applicant and reimburse him/her for any payments made to attain the selected certificate.

*For further information, please refer to the Professional Skills Program’s “Standard Contract”.

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