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For Jobseekers, today’s job market is highly competitive and many jobs require that candidates have professional certifications as part of their CV. Professional Certifications can help Jobseekers improve the chances for employment by gaining knowledge in the field they wish to work in. 

The Professional Certifications Scheme provides Jobseekers with financial support to attain one of many internationally recognized professional certifications. Each certificate has its own support cap as well as payment structure. Jobseekers can request to add certifications which are currently not under the scheme and Tamkeen will evaluate this request.

Jobseekers can enroll in a training course for a professional certification with one of the approved Training Service Provider and apply for the scheme.

Eligibility Criteria

Any Bahraini Jobseeker, 16 years or older is eligible for the scheme as long as the requested certificate is relevant to their education or career background, provided that they fulfill the awarding body’s requirements.


Steps to Apply:

1. Create an Individual Account for yourself by registering through Tamkeen’s portal and activate it by visiting any of our branches.
2. Select the required certification and your preferred Training Provider.
3. Apply to enroll in the Training Service Provider and obtain the required documents.
4. The Training Service Provider may request full or partial payment of the course fees depending on the payment structure.
5. Fill in and submit your online application form.
6. Tamkeen will review your application and you will receive the decision within 5 working days.
7. If your application is approved, you may proceed with completing the training course
8. Once you attain the professional certification, you (or the Training Provider) will be eligible to request a reimbursement from Tamkeen.
9. You must submit your payment request through the online portal.

Documents Required:

1. A copy of the ID/Smartcard
2. Copy of highest educational qualification
3. Acceptance letter from Training Provider
4. Full fees invoice/receipt from Training Provider
5. Acceptance letter from Awarding Body

1. The Applicant shall abide by the policies and directives of the certification program and decisions issued by Labour Fund (“Tamkeen”) in this regard
2. The Applicant is a Bahraini national
3. The Applicant is 16 years of age or above
4. The Applicant is yet to attend the final examination/assessment for the selected certificate
5. The Applicant meets the entry requirements of the selected certification program
6. The Applicant’s selected certification is relevant to his/her academic background or profession.
7. The Applicant is able to provide Tamkeen with a valid justification should the selected certification course be irrelevant to his/her academic background or profession.
8. The Applicant is committed to regularly attend the course sessions set, sit the exams, submit assignments and homework as well as abide by the policies and regulations of the Certification body.
9. The Applicant is committed to comply with the rules and regulations of the Institute, and the instructions and directions issued by the Institute or Tamkeen with regards to the certification program.
10. The Applicant is committed to pay any expenses that are not covered under Tamkeen’s support but required to receive the certification.
11. The Applicant is committed to provide Tamkeen with any personal data or information related to the program as well as his/her training performance as may be required by Tamkeen.
12. The Applicant is committed to notify Tamkeen of any job he/she may join during the certification course.
13. The Applicant acknowledges that he/she is eligible to apply for only one certification course at a time. He/she must successfully complete one before applying for the other.
14. The Applicant acknowledges that he/she is not eligible to apply for a certification course which he/she have sat an exam for, such applications will be disapproved.
15. In the case the Applicant violates any of the obligations indicated above and as stated in the Standard Contract, Tamkeen has the right to prevent the Applicant from benefiting from its programs and shall take the necessary actions, without prejudice to Tamkeen’s right to claim refund of any payments made towards my course if it is convinced that the amounts were claimed in a fraudulent way and/or manipulation.

16. Tamkeen has the right to cancel the beneficiary application on a registered course/certificate if, within three (3) months of the examination date, the beneficiary failed to update/modify the information.
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8.How and when will payments/reimbursements be made?
9.What’s the difference between Quotation, Receipt and Invoice?
10.What costs will the scheme cover?
11.I want to study a programme that is not related to my job/education. Will my application be approved?
12.The programme I wish to study is offered overseas. What costs will TPCS cover?
13.What if I wanted to withdraw my application?
14.What if I failed my exam?
15.What if I want to postpone my exam?
16.How do I track the status of my payment?
17.What is the Training Support Cap?
18. What if the proposed date of my final assessment/exam in my application elapsed and I did not submit my results to Tamkeen?
19.What if I do not “ confirm” my application?