Tamkeen (Labour Fund) announced a major revamp of the evaluation and support mechanisms and procedures of the training and certification programs. The revamp come as part of the third phase of its current Transformation Strategy 2018-2020, which aims to update the training solutions it provides to maximise the impact of the support on the development of individuals and enterprises.

The updates encompass Tamkeen's key training support initiatives, such as the professional certifications and basic skills programs well as the training support provided under the Training and Wage Support Program for enterprises.

Dr. Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi, Chief Executive of Labour Fund Tamkeen noted that the overhaul comes as part of Tamkeen's ongoing efforts to provide better services and improve the level of training in the Kingdom of Bahrain for individuals and enterprises by encouraging training providers to develop their programs to the highest standards.

“We are continuously striving to improve our programs and services to further develop Bahrain’s workforce; with also having a keen focus on encouraging high quality and benchmarkable training services. In addition to maintaining a sustainable platform of support to the private sector”


 encourage training providers to improve their offerings and ensure the sustainability of the support provided, a fundamental pillar of our current strategy.”

Set to commence in the fourth quarter of 2019 and be implemented over several phases starting from January 2020, the process involves a comprehensive review of all the certificates approved by Tamkeen, including reviewing the amount of support under each certificate through a new evaluation system with transparent calculation mechanisms and criteria. Moreover, the support amount may vary based on the rating the training service provider receives from the Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA).

In addition, the certificates covered by the basic skills programs will be combined into a single set called “Employment Skills”. The move will provide job seekers with an integrated suite of programs that will enhance their chance of finding a job and equip them with the requierd skills during their journey.

Provision of the training will be limited to training institutions rated “Outstanding” and “Good” by the NQF to ensure its quality and effectiveness.

As for the training support under the Enterprise Support Program, Tamkeen will adjust the support ratio to optimize the sustainability of local and internationally accredited training programs. This will enable more enterprises to train their Bahraini employees and allow them to the receive the full support amount when employees receive wage increment after completing the training course. The step affirms Tamkeen's commitment to promoting the wage increase culture while encouraging organizations to carefully consider their training needs before applying to the program.

Tamkeen will gauge the impact of the support provided through the program through a new mechanism that uses an array of measurement tools such as questionnaires, impact studies and others.

Earlier this year, Tamkeen made major revamps to its enterprise support programs by introducing various digital solutions such as electronic validation, virtual site visit and e-payment using “Fawateer”, as well as new support schemes such as virtual CRs and 5K support which provides enterprises with grants of up to BD 5,000.