Tamkeen Holds Annual Consultation Forum on its 10th Anniversary

Tamkeen held its annual consultation forum on Monday, December 5, 2016, which coincided with the organisation’s 10th anniversary. Amid impressive attendance, the forum, themed, “A Decade of Dedication for a Better Bahrain”, presented Tamkeen’s achievements in the past 10 years, highlighting the importance of collecting feedback and suggestions from the public and all stakeholders. Tamkeen believes in the need for direct public communication in order to enhance operations and ensure that they meet the needs of all labour market segments.

Tamkeen Chief Executive, Dr Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi, expressed delight at the success of the forum and said: “Tamkeen’s diversified solutions aim to support Bahrain’s private sector, including individuals and enterprises, maximise benefits, and reach the largest number of customers. Tamkeen is committed to direct public communication because it positively impacts the success and development of the organisation, and enhances transparency, which is part of Tamkeen’s values. We continue to conduct impact assessment studies in order to better serve and support our different customer segments.”

The forum discussed Tamkeen’s achievements in the past 10 years, as well as the organisation’s existing programmes and future plans. Over the past decade, Tamkeen launched more than 200 initiatives to serve the private sector, from which over 100,000 individuals and over 38,000 enterprises have benefited to date. Tamkeen’s diversified initiatives include grants, finance solutions, and advisory services, all designed to develop the productivity of individuals and enterprises and enable them to compete locally and globally.

During the past 10 years, Tamkeen allocated 47% of its customer support to empower Bahraini women through training as well as entrepreneurship and business support schemes.

To facilitate applications to its programmes, Tamkeen introduced an interactive portal, multiple public communication channels, customer service and call centres, social media networks, as well as a variety of activities and nation-wide business roadshows.

Meanwhile, Tamkeen announced the launch of a new financing scheme “Tamweel +”, a BHD 40 million sharia-compliant portfolio offered in partnership with Al Baraka Islamic Bank and Ithmaar Bank. The programme provides financing within the range of BHD 1 million to a maximum of BHD 2.5 million, with a repayment period of up to 10 years.

Tamkeen duly considers all feedback and suggestions from its customers and stakeholders, therefore, in light of its efforts to support the development of the national economy, Tamkeen customises its programmes and plans to suit the ever-changing needs of each and every individual and enterprise.