Startup Genome and the Global Entrepreneurship Network Launch the Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018

Startup Genome and the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) has recently published the Global Startup Ecosystems Report (GSER) 2018, which featured strategic startup, investment and policy insights from over 45 cities around the world. This year’s report was revealed during the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) being held during the period from 15th to 19th April 2018, in Istanbul, Turkey.


In Bahrain’s ecosystem, in particular, GSER provides a detailed look at the following sub-sectors, which are supported by the Labour Fund “Tamkeen”, including Bahrain Fintech, Cloud Computing and the Gaming Sub-Sector.


The publication of this report comes in light of the visions ranging from the fast-growing dominance of ICT focused companies to the filling of critical gaps in Success Factors for both funding agencies and startups, the GSER 2018 continues to present thought-leadership and knowledge building driven by the world’s largest primary ecosystem research initiative, Voice of the Entrepreneur. This is where we find out what it takes to build dynamic startup ecosystems with both local and global resonance and which cities around the world are doing it best.


Tamkeen Chief Executive Dr Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi stressed the value of GSER report in shaping a clear  and comprehensive vision towards the development of ecosystems in general, and startup ecosystem in particular, among countries: “This report benchmarks the global performance levels as well as requirements needed by the different cities and countries around the world, to enhance sustainability in the different economic activities, for a promising economic and developmental vision,” Dr Janahi said.

“We’ve now entered the Third Wave of innovation - where our global startup community is disrupting industries by combining technology with deep industry expertise. This is creating a potentially game-changing opportunity for smaller, less mature startup ecosystems that can now build out competitive advantage at a global level by focusing on their DNA and legacy strengths,” shares Startup Genome CEO and co-founder JF Gauthier.  


A fitting occasion for the launch of this collaborative report, the Global Entrepreneurship Congress gathers thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers and other startup champions from all countries to identify new ways of helping founders start and scale new ventures around the world.


Bahrain has also recently been announced to host the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) in 2019, which is aiming to attract thousands of participants from over than 170 countries around the world.


This year, the report takes a close look at key sub-sectors around the world which are in focus points towards imminent entrepreneurial revolutions such as Advanced Manufacturing & Robotics, Agtech, A.I., Big Data & Analytics, Life Sciences, and Cybersecurity, as well as new technologies in education, health, advertising and finance.




Download the full report here: www.startupgenome.com/report2018.