Research & Studies

Planning & Development is commissioned with the examination of statistics and other information regarding the past, present and future economic, business and labour trends and performance, to support the effective targeting of Tamkeen’s strategically defined projects and tactical approaches to pursuing its activities within identified Key Performance Indicators. The studies measure and analyze economic and social developments, including impact, and evaluate opportunities and risks related to Tamkeen's ventures.

Tamkeen has initiated a number of Research projects and Studies including:

  1. Tamkeen Market Intelligence Review
  2. Clustering of Challenges & Tactics for SME Development
  3. Export Support Products Study
  4. ICT Readiness
  5. Kindergarten Survey
  6. Media Survey Report
  7. Occupation Survey
  8. Organization's View on Quality of Training Providers, On the Job Training & Salary Subsidy
  9. Real Estate Skills Study
  10. Skills Gaps Study
  11. SME QMS Readiness Survey
  12. Tamkeen Professional Certifications Report
  13. The Market Gaps Study
  14. Training Development and Placement Survey
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