welcome to tamkeen-aug

About Us

Tamkeen is committed to providing high-quality services through a highly qualified and efficient team to satisfy its customers

Our Promise

  • Respect & appreciate all customers
  • Ensure safe and appropriate working environment
  • Dealing with customers’ needs with high professionalism and utmost transparency
  • Ensure customers’ transactions are completed as quickly and easily as possible
  • Provide customers with accurate and comprehensive information about programs and services
  • Handle customers’ personal information and documents with utmost confidentiality & diligence
  • Ensure accessibility and utilization of our services through a variety of service channels
  • Seek integration with relevant government agencies to expedite your transactions
  • Give priority to the elderly and people with special needs to obtain the service
  •  Handle customers’ feedback and suggestions with great openness and seriousness

What we Expect from You

  • Appreciate the efforts of the customer advisors and deal with them with mutual respect

  • Respect and understand the internal policies and procedures of the programs and services

  • Provide all the required documents within the specified period to complete your service in a timely manner

  • Ensure transparency in responding to customer advisors’ queries

  • Provide us with your genuine feedback & suggestions for continuous improvement

Services Timeframe at our Service Centers




Average Duration


General Advisory

20 Minutes


Portal Assistance

30 Minutes


Security Cheque Submission & Receiving 

15 Minutes


Complaints & Suggestions

20 Minutes



20 Minutes


Advisory Sessions

90 Minutes

 The average waiting time is around 10 minutes

The level of customer satisfaction in 2019 was 95%

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