National Employment Program 2.0

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Based on the directives of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Prime Minister to launch the second edition of the National Employment Program, Tamkeen reopens its programs for individuals and enterprises, while focusing on supporting the employment of Bahrainis. This comes as part of the ongoing mission of making Bahrainis the employee of choice in the labour market. The program will provide wage support for Bahraini job seekers and fresh new graduates registered within the Ministry of Labour and Social Development for a period of up to 36 months.  Tamkeen will provide several support programs, which includes:

  1. Human Resource Development within the Business Development program
  2. Individual Development Portal
  3. Employment Skills Portal

Target Audience:

  1. Ministry of Labour and Social Development registered job seekers
  2. Individuals who graduated in the last 12 months


Support Mechanism:

Wage support for Bahraini employees for a period of up to 36 months (70% for the first year, 50% for the second year, 30% for the third year).


Required Documents:

  • Smart Card
  • Job contract
  • Highest academic qualification
  • Salary certificate
  • Job description
  • Structure of the enterprise
  • Financial statement of the enterprise for the last three years
  • Bank transfers of salaries of the registered employees for the support program.
  1. Login or create and activate an account through Tamkeen’s portal.
  2. Fill out the National Employment Program application form and the job role form.
  3. Attach the required documents and submit the application.
  4. After receiving Tamkeen’s initial approval of the application form, you can proceed with submitting requests for an employee support.
  5. Applications will be evaluated and notified once approved.
  6. After the approval, employees will need to confirm the support via the online portal.
  7. Submit the required documents based on the dates shown in the online portal.



  1. The Enterprise must have an active Commercial Registration or License.
  2. The Enterprise must be based in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  3. The Enterprise must have cleared any offenses with the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) and possess records of monthly payments.
  4. The Enterprise’s employees must be registered under the Social Insurance Organization.



  1. Tamkeen reserves the right to disapprove any Enterprise or Employee Application that does not meet the program’s requirements.
  2. If deemed necessary, the Enterprise must submit any supporting documents requested by Tamkeen.
  3. Tamkeen shall only provide the final approval after verifying the eligibility of the enterprise and the employee.



  1. The enterprise must submit their payment request through the online portal.
  2. Tamkeen shall reimburse the wage support either on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the enterprise’s preference.
  3. The enterprise must provide the required proof of payment documents in order to obtain the reimbursement.
  4. Payment in cash is strictly prohibited, payment requests for cash payments will not be accepted under any circumstances.


* For further information, please refer to Training and Wage Support “Standard Contract”

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