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Moyez is an accomplished management executive, entrepreneur, and consultant with diverse experience in creating, developing and enabling strategies that, leverage intellectual capital. Moyez has developed his extensive professional career having grown through the ranks with hands-on experience within all core business functions related to HR, ICT, Oil & Gas, and Renewable Energy industries. A calculated risk-taker with the clarity of vision, innovation, sound decision-making, and leadership.

As the Executive Director of BFI (Bahrain Fashion Incubator dedicated to innovation in fashion and technology), Jalila Aarab is utilizing her +25-years experience in the fashion manufacturing industry to mentor designers with the development of their fashion businesses. Starting in the apparel industry as a fashion designer where everything was domestically manufactured has given Jalila a solid foundation of what it takes to get a design from concept to final production. Having worked with very large and very small companies has also helped in understanding the capabilities and restrictions a company encounter.

Jalila also has her own clothing line, Lily&Jo, which was started in 2016 manufacturing better women’s garments. The coming collection is focused on wearable by using smart fabric and new technology.

Omar Al Khan is the Managing Partner and founder of ParkPoint Parking Solutions, the first valet parking company in the kingdom of Bahrain established in 2008. ParkPoint has also expended to providing parking management.

Vision: Omar believes that great economies thrive on innovation, aspired to see Bahrain with a great entrepreneurial culture where its youngsters are not afraid to innovate and do things differently, and the country’s system treating entrepreneurs as its most valuable asset.

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