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Tamkeen’s “Internship Scheme” is a 3 to 12 months training opportunity. The internship provides a unique improvement platform for bridging the gap between the skills of new graduates and the labor market requirements. It helps develop Bahraini graduates and enable them to acquire high professional skills to compete in the labor market.

How do internships benefit your organization?

    • Internships provide an opportunity for your organization to identify and evaluate potential full-time professional hires serving your growth objectives. Whether it is a typical 3-month or longer internship program, it serves your recruitment plans by helping you choose professionals who were trained at your organization and gained experiences that serve the objectives of your business. The training period, therefore, is an opportunity to appraise the trainee's competence and see whether it satisfies your professional and business requirements and objectives. The trainee will then be assessed with regards to the possibility of getting a full-time job.

    • The program helps your organization retain employees. A study conducted to assess retention and loyalty rates showed that retention rate of employees recruited through internships is 40% higher than retention rates of other employees.
    • Building an internship program with the help of Tamkeen will provide a flexible, cost-effective labor force that helps increase the productivity of your organization without requiring a long-term employer commitment.

    • Trainees inject new blood into your organization and add value to your business. You will benefit from their creative ideas and new academic education. They can help address some old challenges in the organization. Trainees offer new ideas and insights about your businesses, plans, and strategies, and help realize the organization's objectives and missions.

    • With their ability to deal with new technology, today's young generation of trainees helps boost your organization's social communication strategy.

    • The internship program gives your employees an opportunity to train and educate young graduates. This boosts their confidence in their abilities and leadership, helping the business culture in your organization.

    • After the training, the trainee enters the labor market where he might serve as an ambassador for your organization, promoting awareness about it among his peers and other enterprises.

    • Internships are a form of CSR initiatives, which today constitute a major part of the activities of every enterprise, as they serve the enterprise's objectives and promote its role and image in society.

What Does Tamkeen offer?

    • Through this program, Tamkeen provides an integrated platform for an extensive database of highly skilled trainees.

    • For enterprises with no internship experience, Tamkeen provides the necessary tools for the training period to help the enterprise with the training and the trainee to gain the necessary experience. The tools consist of a training timeframe, questionnaires to understand skills and guide trainees, and applications to encourage the two parties to work hard.

    • Subject to evaluation, Tamkeem might subsidize the salaries of trainees. The enterprise can choose the amount of subsidy, which ranges between BD100 and BD350 for the trainee every month.

The steps: 

  • Create an account online and get it verified by visiting any of Tamkeen's service centers.
  • Fill out the application online.
  • Your application will be verified through Tamkeen's team.
  • Once your application is approved, your job opportunity will be listed on the Internship Portal.

The following steps are only for the enterprises that were flagged as "Internships+";

  • If your enterprise is considered as an "Internship+" you will then be able to request for payments.
  • You will need to submit the required proof of payment documents (Invoice, Salary Slips, etc..) every quarter.
  • The amount will be transferred to your enterprise bank account, therefore please ensure that you have updated your IBAN information in your profile.


  • The enterprise must be registered in Bahrain, with an active CR.
  • The enterprise must have human resources systems in place, policies on trainee employment, a clear plan for trainee missions and responsibilities, and a supervisor during the training period.
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