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One of our key objective is to improve the skill-sets of Bahrainis so that they can become the employees of choice. We aim to enhance Individuals’ capacities to drive their future prosperity, and our efforts in achieving that lies within various programs that are relevant to the segment you belong to, so if you are;

Then you will be guided and supported from an early age to make informed decisions about your educational and occupational options through our schemes and our partnership with other stakeholders in the Kingdom of Bahrain such as; Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth & Sports Affairs.. etc 

You will be provided with the basic skills and given the chance to acquire professional qualifications to enhance your chances to get employed, in addition to giving you insights about job hunting, CV writing as well as the secrets behind the job interviews under our advisory platform (Khibra).  

Our support will help you up-skill yourself professionally which will help increase your chances of career development or career shift which can be done through our grants and advisory services.

Our offerings will help create  market awareness for students, ensure market readiness for jobseekers and career advancement for employees. This will help in improving the competitiveness of each segment in the labor market, through the wide range of solutions including career guidance and counselling, entrepreneurship exposure and on-job skills optimization.

So now, please tell us how we can serve you better !!