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This program is a co-financing service that offers a grant that covers 50% of the approved items/services cost required from the approved budget. Tamkeen will determine the grant amount to support the company after reviewing its business requirements.

The grant can be used across various business areas:
Machinery & Equipment
• Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)
• Marketing & Branding
• Participation in Exhibitions
• Business Consultancy
• Quality Improvement & Certification
• Mohasaba Scheme (For more information, please click here).

• Cloud Computing Services (For more information, please click here).  

Eligibility Criteria
Any Startup with an active commercial registration in Bahrain can apply to get the grant support.

Steps to apply:
1. Create an account for your company by registering through our website and activate it by visiting any of our branches.
2. Review your company profile to make sure that all the information is updated.
3. Fill in and submit the application form
4. Tamkeen staff will visit your premises if needed
5. Tamkeen will conduct an evaluation to discuss your application and finalize your action plan
6. Submit all relevant quotations/proposals along with a security cheque so we can proceed with issuing the final approval
7. Submit the proof of payments upon the delivery of your products/service(s).
8. If you have applied for the Machinery and Equipment, ICT, or Marketing schemes, a post-delivery inspection will be conducted.
9.Payments will be issued to your bank account after the post-delivery inspection

Documents required:
1. Smart Card of Authorized / Primary Signatory)
2. Last month’s Bank Statement for the main business account
3. Last month’s Electricity and Water Bill
4. Last month’s Social Insurance Organization (SIO) Bill
5. Audited financial statements
6. Quotations/proposal depending on the selection of the products/services requested

Application Process

  1. The applying entity must have an active Commercial Registration or License
  2. The applying entity must be based in Bahrain
  3. The applying entity must possess an active bank account and Electricity & Water bill from (EWA)
  4. The applying entity must have no offenses with LMRA and possess records of monthly payments
  5. A three-year mandatory contract should be accepted for each entity.
  6. Quotations must be provided and submitted prior to, or on the agreed due date
  7. Civil works, infrastructure, furniture, and fixtures are not supported under the business development services

Assessment Process

  1. The owner and/or authorized signatories only are permitted to attend the assessment meetings
  2. Tamkeen preserves the right to disapprove any products/services that are not aligned with the applying entity’s principle business activities.
  3. The applying entity must attain the best prices of products/services available in the market.
  4. Tamkeen has the right to disapprove any products/services that do not meet the nature or complexity of the business
  5. If deemed necessary, the applying entity must submit any supporting documents requested during the assessment meeting
  6. The owner and/or authorized signatory must provide information that is true and justifies the need for products/services during the assessment meetings

Payment Process

  1. Quotations must be executed within the first 3 months of the signed action plan
  2. Tamkeen shall pay 50% to the Applicant/Vendor upon receiving proof of payment documents equivalent to 50% of the project value, and upon the delivery of item(s) in the case of local vendors
  3. The applying entity shall pay 100% and Tamkeen shall reimburse 50% to the applying entity following the submission of proof of payment documents and delivery of item(s) in the case of international vendors
  4. Tamkeen shall reimburse 100% for all Cloud Computing products up to the approved Grant Amount.
  5. The applying entity is prohibited from committing to pay in any form prior to the unconditional approval
  6. Payment in cash is strictly prohibited

* For further information, please refer to Business Development Services “Standard Contract”

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