Cloud Computing

The "Cloud Computing Services" is a financing support that covers the cost of cloud computing products. The objective of the support is to enhance the efficiency, security, and effectiveness of a business’s operations through cloud-based IT solutions.  


Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Can I choose any Service Provider?
Currently, Tamkeen shall only cover products offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft.  

2. For how many years will “Cloud Computing Services” costs be covered?
The services will cover the costs of Cloud Computing products for the initial 18 months of the 3-year contract with Tamkeen. After the said time, Tamkeen shall no longer take the financial responsibility for the service(s) that were not acquired.
3. Will I be able to apply for "Cloud Computing Services" if I already have an existing contract with Tamkeen?
Yes, by amending the ‘Support Approval’ through the “Amendment Request” section in the portal. Tamkeen shall only cover the costs for the remaining initial 18-months of the contract.

4. Can I request to change the service provider if I am not happy with my current provider?
As of now, Tamkeen shall only accept requests from AWS and Microsoft.

5. What services are covered under “Cloud Computing”?
Currently, all products and services pertaining to cloud computing are covered, except for consultation and data migration fees.

6. Can I reapply to the "Cloud Computing Services" once I have completed my 18 months?
After the completion of the 3-year contract, you can apply again to get the support.

7. What is the “Cloud Computing” payment process?

Tamkeen shall reimburse 100% of the cost on a quarterly basis whereby the end of each quarter the applicant must submit proof of payments and usage reports for the relevant 3 months.


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