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The Business Development program provides an opportunity for enterprises that have specific goals for development, and a clear plan of how to utilize Tamkeen’s support to achieve those goals. This allows the enterprise to improve its performance, and at the same increase its contribution towards the national economy, while also creating more job opportunities for Bahrainis.

The program provides grants that cover a proportion of the items and services needed by the enterprise, in addition to supporting the human capital by subsidizing the wages of Bahraini employees.

Items and Services - 

  • Machinery & Equipment
  • Information Communication & Technology (ICT)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Exhibition Participation
  • Business Consulting
  • Quality Improvement
  • Accounting
  • Auditing

All services are supported 50% with the exception of Cloud Computing that is supported 100% up to the allocated grant amount.

Human Capital:

  • Full-time Employees (50% up to BHD 400 per month)

    Enterprises should register their employees within the first 6 months from the joining date

  • Part-time Employees (50% up to BHD 135 per month)

    Enterprises should register their employees within the first 6 months from the joining date

  • Virtual CR Owners (up to BHD 1800)

All services are supported across 18 months with the exception of:

  • Virtual CR Owners: support is limited to 6 months (3 quarterly payments of BHD 600)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Enterprise should have an active CR/license in the Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Enterprise is classified as micro, small or medium (up to 100 employees and/or revenues up to BHD 3 million)
  • Enterprise should not have an active contract under the Business Development program in its previous version
  • Enterprise should not be owned more than 50% by the Government
  • Enterprise should not have an active LMRA offenses
  • Enterprises should not have active violation(s) or blacklisted by Tamkeen

Sijili Eligibility Criteria (Human Capital):

  • Enterprise has an active Virtual (Sijili) CR registered with MOIC&T
  • Enterprise is registered in 2020 and onwards
  • Owner must be a Bahraini national
  • Owner’s full-time job is towards his Virtual (Sijili) CR
  • Owner is not registered in SIO under a different CR/License (registration is optional for the enterprise applying)
  • Owner must possess at minimum a Diploma degree
  • Owner must be less than 50 years
  • Owner does not own or is a shareholder in any other CR/License
  • Owner is not receiving any support from the National Employment Program or Tamkeen’s wage support programs
  • Owner is eligible once during the contract period
  • Payments are made with evidential documents and milestones reflecting the development and progress of the business

Application process:

  • Create and activate an online account with Tamkeen
  • Login to Tamkeen’s portal and add your enterprise details under “My Ventures”
  • Click on Business Development and start filling an application
  • Provide enterprise bank details and attach supporting documents
  • Select areas of support then submit application

Required documents:

  • Last month bank statement
  • Last month EWA bill (not required for Virtual CRs)
  • Smart Card for Primary and/or Authorized Signatory
  • Authorization letter to the authorized person (if needed)
  • Management Accounts/ Audited Financial Statements (if available)
  • Feasibility Study/ Business Plan (if available)
  • Pictures of the outdoor signboard
  • Pictures of the office/workspace
  • Quotations/ proposals for (Machinery & Equipment, Marketing, ICT, etc.)
  • Employment Contracts/ job description for employees


  1. Enterprise must submit one application for similar business activities. Support can be utilized across different branches under the CR/License. 
  2. Upon issuance of Support Approval, enterprise must confirm its acceptance via the Portal within 30 days to avoid automatic cancellation.
  3. If deemed necessary, the Enterprise must submit any supporting documents requested via the Portal during the application process within 30 days to avoid cancellation.
  4. Upon Employee’s resignation, the Enterprise must “Dropout” the Employee via the Portal.


  1. Only the owner and/or authorized signatories are permitted to attend the assessment meeting.
  2. Tamkeen reserves the right to disapprove any item(s) and/or service(s) that are not aligned with the Enterprise’s registered business activities.
  3. Tamkeen reserves the right to disapprove any item(s) and/or service(s) that do not meet the needs of the Enterprise.
  4. It is the Enterprise’s responsibility to ensure that all submitted quotations reflect the most optimal market prices.
  5. If deemed necessary, the Enterprise must submit any supporting documents requested during the assessment meeting.
  6. The owner and/or authorized signatory of the Enterprise must provide information that is accurate and complete to the best of their knowledge.


  1. The quotations must be used during the first 3 months as agreed in the business plan
  2. In case of international vendors, the Enterprise shall pay 100% of the total cost of item(s) and/or service(s) and Tamkeen shall reimburse up to 50% to the Enterprise upon receiving proof of payment documents, and upon the delivery of item(s) and/or service(s) provided that it is in line with the Support Approval.
  3. Tamkeen shall reimburse 100% for all Cloud Computing services up to the approved Grant Amount stated in the Support Approval. 
  4. Tamkeen reserves the right to reject any payment made prior to the application submission date.
  5. Payment in cash is strictly prohibited, payment requests for cash payments will not be accepted under any circumstances.
  6. For items/services: the enterprise has the option of paying via Fawateer for local vendors 50% or 100%. For overseas vendors or paying through cheques/bank transfer, the enterprise must pay 100%.
  7. For Human Capital support: the enterprise must pay through a cheque/bank transfer.

*For further information, please refer to the Business Development Program’s “Standard Contract”.

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