Business Continuity Support Program Taxicab and Public Transportation Drivers, Driving Instructors and Kindergarten Workers

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Following the decisions led by the Prime Minister of Bahrain His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa and supported by the orders of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister to expand its programs which comes as part of the country’s economic stimulus packages to support the private sector and help them combat the repercussions caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Cabinet decided to allocate two portfolios, the first of which to support 950 taxicab drivers, public transportation drivers, with an amount that does not exceed BHD 300 per month for a period of 3 months. While the second portfolio is designed to support 829 driving instructors with an amount that does not exceed BHD 300 per month for a period of 3 months provided that they do have a CR or a retirement pension. In addition, through Tamkeen’s support program, the Cabinet has also decided to cover the full salaries of 442 kindergarten workers and 102 female nursery workers who are not registered within the SIO and LMRA.

Eligibility Criteria


Predefined list of eligible customers from the Ministry of Labour, which includes:

  • Taxicab Drivers
  • Public transportation drivers that are licensed by the Ministry of Transportation
  • Driving instructors that do not have a CR or a retirement pension
  • Kindergarten and nursery workers who are not insured but registered within the Ministry of Labour and Social Development.

  1. You will receive an SMS with a link to submit your application through the portal
  2. Make sure you have your CPR and bank account number (IBAN) to login
  3. Take a picture of your CPR and then take a personal picture of yourself to verify your identity
  4. Fill in the IBAN information and click ‘submit’ once you confirm your details
  5. After verifying your information, the amount will be transferred to your account
1.Who are the target group of this support program?
2.What’s the duration of the support?
3.What’s the amount of the monthly support for each applicant?
4.Which categories are excluded from this support?
5.How do I apply for the support program?
6.I am eligible for the support but my name is not on Tamkeen’s list?
7.I have not received the SMS even though I’m eligible for the support?
8.I am experiencing some technical difficulties with taking pictures of the smart card and myself, how can you help me?
9.Does the support include Public Transporation (bus drivers)?