Bahraini startup DocWhere, launched by Dr. Nahla Al Sunni wins the People’s Choice Award at the fourth edition of Pitch@Palace Global held last night in London.

In this edition, 18 entrepreneurs from around the world qualified for the final stage of the competition after their local and regional rounds, including startups from the GCC who competed in Pitch@Palace GCC 2.0 held recently in Bahrain. During the regional competition of Pitch@Palace GCC 2.0, Mavi VR from Bahrain won first place, while Aryam from the UAE won second place, and DocWhere won third place.

Pitch@Palace is one of the world's leading initiatives that celebrates entrepreneurship. Launched in 2014, it provides a platform for entrepreneurs to enhance their startups, connect and network with other entrepreneurs, and learn from local and international experts.

On this occasion, Dr. Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi at Tamkeen expressed his delight for the outstanding performance of the Bahraini entrepreneurs in international events and praised the Kingdom’s leading model in supporting the startup business ecosystem.

According to Dr. Janahi, this achievement does not come as a surprise considering the various support programs and opportunities offered to startups in Bahrain. Not to mention the business-friendly regulations that allow startups to grow and expand their operations, in addition to the numerous events that Bahrain hosts and participates in to celebrate and promote entrepreneurship across all sectors.

He also points out that Bahrain was among the top 10 performing countries from Europe and the Middle East to look out for in terms of FinTech. The report also mentions that Bahrain ranks first globally in Islamic finance regulation in the Global Islamic Finance Report due to its standards on crowdfunding and open banking, in addition to being the top 15 Global Ecosystem for Affordable Talent.

Dr. Nahla Al Sunni, founder of DocWhere expressed her excitement winning the People’s Choice Award, pointing out the support the Kingdom of Bahrain offers to Bahrainis to improve their competency and expand to international markets.

Dr. Al Sunni considers her participation in Pitch@Palace as an important step towards developing her startup DocWhere as she plans on expanding her platform outside Bahrain and extend her outreach to other geographical locations, fulfilling DocWhere’s humanitarian role of bridging the gap between patients and doctors.

Dr. Al Sunni extends her gratitude and appreciation to Tamkeen for all its support programs which enable entrepreneurs to grow their business. The programs offered by Tamkeen are inclusive of all the needs that entrepreneurs require and ranges from ICT to Accounting, Marketing and Branding, Machinery and more. It also offers training programs which are open to Bahraini individuals.

Since the launch of Pitch@Palace in 2014, more than 1000 entrepreneur from 60+ countries have participated in the competition, consecutively creating 6000+ job opportunities around the world.