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A9eel in Schools is an initiative that Tamkeen has launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Education to enable Bahraini youth to acquire essential foundational work ethics to improve their acquaintance and eventually start a suitable career with a virtuous ethical background.

The “A9eel in Schools” is a youth work ethics development scheme covered through 12 units module and delivered in experiential learning structure during one full academic year for the participating secondary schools. The scheme’s main objective is to up-skill Bahraini youth with sound ethics and attitude in order to help achieve a very strong ethical background and therefore be fully prepared and capable to enter the work environment. The scheme contributes in improving productivity among Bahraini-youth by addressing important factors and by igniting the thoughts of work attitudes that will lead to improve employee efficiency.

A9eel’s curriculum is comprehensive enough to help students instill their work ethics values in the long run. A9eel’s curriculum tackles 7 crucial behavioral values related to the working environment. These would be:

No. Value A9eel's Behaviors  Aimed Outcome
1 Positivity Attitude Employees to display enthusiasm and passion
2 Reliability  Attendance Employees to show up when scheduled
3 Professionalism Appearance Employees to present a consistent brand image
4 Initiative Ambition Employees to go beyond basic expectations
5 Integrity Accountability Employees to become trustworthy
6 Respect Acceptance Employees to adhere to policies and rules
7 Gratitude Appreciation Employees to give authentic service

A9eel’s curriculum reinforces the above-listed values through activities and exercises surrounding A9eel’s values.  The long-term impact of A9eel in Schools program would be the demonstration of the collective 7 fundamental values of A9eel that serves Tamkeen’s strategic objective of making Bahrainis the employees of choice.

Participants can click here to access the A9eel Platform.

Secondary School Students between 15-18 years of age can participate in the program. Registration is done directly through the school’s registration office in coordination with the Ministry of Education. 

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