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A9eel is a nationwide campaign to develop the right approach to work. It is a movement for change towards positive work attitudes. To build a generation of men and women of character who are led by integrity and conviction. A9eel welcomes all to a journey of self-improvement.

Issues such as punctuality, proper use of company resources, honesty, sincerity, cooperation with other employees, showing initiative towards professional growth and having a realistic opinion about one’s capabilities were found to be some of the areas among many others that needed to be improved.

The objectives of this campaign, therefore, are to raise awareness about the issue of work attitudes in Bahrain, especially amongst organizations and Bahraini employees.

A9eel Campaign in Schools

Objectives for this year...

"Emphasize the focus of A9eel on Work ethics rather than ethics in general through practical applications!"

Similar to every year, A9eel students will be creating a campaign within their school premises. They will be choosing one of the 7 values and create a campaign that revolves around it aiming to create a positive societal impact. 

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Continue expanding in A9eel's values on a school level
  2. Students to pioneer and influence positive change in the learning environment. 

Overview video on A9eel's competition for the year 2017: 

To participate in this campaign please upload the below forms: 

Additional Challenges: 
1. Challenge 1: A9eel at work

If you want to increase your chances at winning in this year’s Creative Project.  You can participate in the first Challenge titled “A9eel at Work”, whereby each student would secure him/herself the opportunity to visit any company and evaluate the work-ethics standards through observation and a set of interviews with the management and staff.

To participate in this challenge, please download and fill out the following forms:

Challenge 1 Cover page

A9eel At Work form

2. Challenge 2: Secret Mission 

For a greater chance of collecting further bonus points, schools are challenged to create a hidden-camera scene that revolves around one of the 7 values in A9eel and test the audience’s reaction of the unethical context.


To participate in this challenge, please download and fill out the Secret Mission Form.

All Secondary Government schools are enrolled by default (34 schools with an average of 20 students per school) every academic year.

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