“Tamkeen” has signed today a memorandum of understanding with “Fives” a global engineering industrial group to discuss aspects of cooperation to train and specialize Bahrainis in the industrial sector, in presence of H.E. Bernard Regnauld-Fabre, French Ambassador in Bahrain.

The purpose of this joint Initiative is to assist in reinforcing the competences of Bahrainis, in-line with the Kingdom’s strategy and industrial sector requirements. It is aimed at bridging existing skills gap in this sector and will benefit both graduates and non-graduates.

“Tamkeen is continuously seeking to establish partnerships that contribute in equipping Bahrainis with the skills they need to become the employee of choice in various sectors. We are proud of our partnership with “Fives” due its experience in the engineering industry; through this partnership and initiative we look forward to achieving greater results in enhancing Bahraini graduate’s skills and supporting them in finding added values job opportunities” Stated Dr. Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi, Chief Executive of Tamkeen.

Mr. Frédéric Sanchez Fives’s Chairman of the Board said: “The active presence of our group in Bahrain for over a decade has enabled our teams to understand how fives could contribute to develop the Bahrainization rate in the industry. Through this initiative, we are very pleased to be in a position to give back to Bahrain and to have found in Tamkeen the partner that will enable this ambitious program to take place.”

Through this initiative, Tamkeen seeks to achieve three basic pillars of professional training programs, international training programs and technical training workshop.

According to the Memorandum of Understanding, the partners will create, label and certify a selection of vocational training programs, specifically devised for the needs of industrial companies, intending to increase the Bahrainization rate in skilled workforce. The trainings will be conducted in cooperation with existing training centers. After building the programs, the partners will monitor the implementation and the results to maximize the achievement of the initiative’s objectives.

In order to offer Bahraini engineering graduates the possibility to work in a variety of international professional environments, Fives will provide foreign internships opportunities within its worldwide network of companies for up to 15 young Bahraini engineering graduates per year. 

The partners will support the establishment of a technical training workshop specialized in high-end welding applications. Fives will fund the required technical equipment of the workshop and the development of the training program. This workshop will deliver certified qualifications for Bahraini trainees, with an ambition to become a regional reference.

Fives and Tamkeen share the ambition to foster the cooperation between training and education institutions with industrial sector and to contribute to the sustainable development of the Bahraini industry.