The Labour Fund “Tamkeen” has announced adding a range of professional certificates specialized in “Cloud Computing” in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leading company in Cloud Services.


Tamkeen Chief Executive Dr. Ebrahim Janahi has emphasized on the importance of convoying the Information and Communications Technology sector in the Kingdom. “At Tamkeen, we continuously work on monitoring the advanced systems across the world as a part of our efforts in making the Kingdom of Bahrain the first technology destination in the Middle East region".


Additionally, he added: “Tamkeen has worked in supporting a number of professional certificates in building and developing Cloud systems, which goes along with the continuous changes in the labour market’s needs, in order to refine the Bahrainis’ skills and equip them with the necessary tools to be the employee of choice”.


Last year, Tamkeen has announced bringing the Cloud Computing for the first time in the Middle East in partnership with Amazon Web Service, which owns more than 45% of the World Wide Public Market for Infrastructure as a service, exceeding the total share of Google, Microsoft and IBM combined together.