Strongly believing in the role of Bahraini women in achieving progress and growth across all fields in Bahrain, Tamkeen hosts a ceremony for its female employees, celebrating Bahraini Women’s Day, held this year under the umbrella of “Women in Higher Education and Future Sciences”.

On this occasion, Dr. Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi, Chief Executive of Tamkeen commented: “Tamkeen’s emphasis on supporting women is not only targeted towards the women of Tamkeen, but we also ensure that we extend our outreach to women inside and outside Tamkeen, that are in managerial and leadership positions and have them take part in decision making. Our Opportunities Equity Committee at Tamkeen ensures the application of the national model for the integration of women’s needs to achieve a sustainable impact as part of our partnership with the Supreme Council of Women.”

Dr. Janahi also mentioned that the percentage of Bahraini women in Tamkeen has exceeded more than half of Tamkeen’s total employees, proving that Bahraini women are more than capable of prospering in various positions around the organizations.

He also adds: “Ever since its inception, Tamkeen has always offered the necessary support to Bahraini women from different backgrounds: Whether an employee, or an entrepreneur, or even a job seeker. There are various programs Tamkeen has launched that caters to the needs of women like the Riyadat Centre in Aali, Riyadat Financing in partnership with the Supreme Council of Women and Bahrain Development Bank, and not to mention the training, counseling and mentorship programs that are open for them. We’re proud to have such programs that support women and help them towards achieving their dreams.”