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a9eel is a nationwide work ethics campaign of the people and for the people of Bahrain. The main objective of this campaign is to ignite thoughts of the work attitudes that will lead to improved employee productivity thus contributing to the economic development of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

In the Arab culture, the word "a9eel" signifies a worth that can only be compared to strong roots and high values. It conveys a high level of class in terms of culture and character. Bahrainis are "a9eels" due to their highly cultured and refined temperament. This reflects not only in our speech but also in our interaction with other nationalities and cultures.

a9eel is a nationwide campaign to develop the right approach to work. It is a movement for change towards positive work attitudes. To build a generation of men and women of character who are led by integrity and conviction. a9eel welcomes all to a journey of self-improvement.

The campaign was conceived in light of a recent survey to assess the level of employees from the perspective of domestic Bahraini companies. This study revealed the need to strengthen work ethics among employees.

Issues such as punctuality, proper use of company resources, honesty, sincerity, co-operation with other employees, showing initiative towards professional growth and having a realistic opinion about one’s capabilities were found to be some of the areas among many others that needed to be improved.

The objectives of this campaign therefore are to raise awareness about the issue of work attitudes in Bahrain, especially amongst organisations and Bahraini employees.

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