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Published: 10/5/2011 - Viewed: 1904

Tamkeen honours Career Progression Programme participants

In a special ceremony held today, Tamkeen honoured more than 300 private sector employees who successfully completed the Career Progression Programme.
On the sidelines of the reception, Mrs. Amal Al Kooheji, Senior Manager of Tamkeen's Human Capital Development was quoted as saying "Since its inception in 2007, we are equally proud that 9000 Bahrainis, representing private sector companies, have enrolled in the Programme thus far."

As per the Programme's milestones, Mrs. Al Kooheji noted that more than 5,000 Bahrainis have received pay increases after their successful completion of the training with an allocated budget totalling about BD 6m in addition to BD 4.5m put into the delivery of more than 300,000 training hours.

She further explained that more than 50 specialised training providers, local and international alike, hand in hand with Tamkeen consultants, have provided training and development opportunities for their career progression.

Tamkeen aims to create a trained Bahraini workforce able to cater to the needs of the marketplace. Being highly trained is a key factor the Tamkeen programme is providing to make the Bahraini workforce equipped and qualified, which ultimately leads to promotion to higher job levels and on the upward mobility cycle.

Mrs. Al Kooheji explained that Tamkeen, as part of the main objectives of the CPP, aims to maintain a dedicated, professional and satisfied body of employees which will lead to greater productivity levels and be of benefit to the employer. Tamkeen intends to launch the third phase of the Career Progression Programme early in 2012 with the aim of assisting employees at all salary levels with a focus on middle income-earners. The third phase will target a beneficiary group of 11,000 employees of the private sector. The programme caters to the specific needs of companies wishing to train their employees as well as being the only such programme in the region that benefits both employer and employee.

Furthermore, Tamkeen will spare no efforts in realising its objectives and capitalise on its training initiative to benefit Bahraini employees with 8,000 seats available to prospective beneficiaries. The CPP programme should translate into better-skilled workforce with improved retention rates and increased productivity.

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